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Incentive programs are formal schemes that are used to motivate, reward or promote employees that have met or exceeded company expectations of performance.

We use our expertise, experience and destination knowledge to plan an itinerary that suits the travellers profile as well as fulfils company objectives. We research the best routes and prices to ensure an experience that has great value for money.

We nurture our contacts in the industry to obtain great service and prices for our clients. We do site inspections of hotels and guesthouses to ensure quality.


M&M Destination Solutions team has experience in planning a variety of events over the past few years.

 We help you budget, decide on appropriate dates and times, scouting for event site, reserving your desired locations, negotiating rates, acquiring permits, coordinating transportation, organising accommodation and all the finer and more complicated details.

 Parties, Festivals, Concerts, Conventions, Conferences, Weddings, Product Launches, Campaigns etc.

Happy Clients

“Dear Katharina, Dear Anne,

Once again, a big warm thank you for your help in Location Scouting. I am only repeating myself when I say that you are extremely comptent, sensitive, forward-looking, ambitious and work very smart, the list could continue. In anticipation of the next meeting, your best wishes”

Andreas Wamsler

Talpa Germany

Thank you for the Preparation! We all had fantastic days-especially in Hillsnek!! Also Palmiet, Hog Hollow were perfect. Many thanks & best regards also to Silke & Craig!”

Sven-Arne Görn

“Dear Silke, dear Craig, dear Marshall Solutions Team, we have already realized several great projects together. You’ve always been great. You’ve made the projects an unforgettable experience. Thanks for that!”

Joerg Holzbrecher